Odour Control


BIORID Odour Control Biofilter Plant

Biofiltration is the biological degradation of the odourous compounds in an odour-laden air stream by specially adapted biocultures, same as the process invented by Mother Nature herself.

In the Pre-scrubber of BIORID Biofilter Plants, the odourous air is conditioned, dirt is removed and outgoing air is cooled and humidified. Being an efficient buffer, loading peaks are smoothened out.

From here, the gas is led to the pressure reduction chamber and then evenly distributed under the biomass bed. It is then pressed slowly through this humid and biological active filter mass where the microorganisms decompose the contaminants to carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Unwanted contaminants + O2
Micro Organism
Cell material + CO2 + H2O

Unique Advantages of the BIORID Biofilter:

  • Need no chemicals
  • High Buffer capacity for loading peaks
  • Built in modular systems
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low running costs
  • Allow stops during weekends or short holiday periods
  • Constructed of weather proof and high corrosion resistant FRP